Group Exhibition: Motherhood. Female Artists Oslo, Norway / June 2023

The first exhbition to open at Female Artists Oslo’s new location in June, curated by joining artists Paulina Ree and Helena Svendsen. An exhibition where we open to dialogue about motherhood and every aspect surrounding it. This is about people who choose to be mothers, those who choose not to, those who are forced by circumstances to not be mothers and those that feel an eternal pressure to be one due to their gender and irrespective of their personal preferences.

Welcome to MOTHERHOOD. An exhibition for mothers, for women, for men, for children and most especially for everyone looking to understand the complexity of gender when it comes to females (referring to the biological physical traits that makes someone be designated to a gender at birth).

Curatorial text from Helena Svendsen (Bølle Girl):
Motherhood is an archetype, an energy with the potential for a transformational process to happen for those who decide to step into that role and explore who they are within it. This role has historically been labeled as feminine - attracting and repelling, steeped in honor and shame, judgment and encouragement, beautiful yet repulsive, empowering yet limiting - motherhood encompasses all the contradictions life has to offer, as it is the stuff of life.

Through this exhibition MOTHERHOOD, the hope is we can start approaching the diverse and complex experience it is to mother, to be a caretaker of others, of our own self and our dreams and to re-imagine the energy of mothering as one that is personal - a narrative of our own creation.

Solo Exhibition: Apparition of a Goddess, Picaresque Gallery, Tokyo, Japan / March 2023

An immersive, sacred installation and exhibition at Picaresque Gallery by Helena Svendsen, artist of Bølle Girl, shining a light on the ancient memory of the divine feminine, tracing back to the Venus of Willendorf, a Goddess and an early archetype of the mother, celebrating our origin and our first home.

Collaboration: Performance with artist Pimeriko for "Circe's Garden" at Gakusha, Izu-Kogen, Japan / May 2022

Installation: The Goddess Is In, space OTONARI, Yugawara, Japan / December 2021

Installation: Altar To My First Home (2021)


Ritual: Reclaiming the Mother through the Goddess, Picaresque Gallery, Tokyo, Japan / 2020